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Meet The Company


Company Apprentices

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Paige Hiles

Lily Gillespe

Allie Armontrout

Keira Kirkpatrick

Amanda Strmac

Anabelle Hess

Erin Duguay

Lily Van Nostran


Executive Board

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Annabella Papson - President

Audrey Nunley - Vice President

Sydney Bair - Treasurer

Liv Warner - Secretary

Kylie Gunnig - Publicity Chair 

Caroline Wolff - Associate Publicity Chair

Mia Stockle - Company Liaison

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Allie Armontrout is a freshman Engineering Technology major from Fairfield, OH.
Dancing since she was three years old, she has grown up training in ballet, jazz,
contemporary, lyrical, tap, and hip-hop at many competitive studios, but her primary
education was at Butler Tech School of the Arts in Hamilton, OH. Last summer and fall,
she worked as a dancer at Kings Island in Mason, OH, and hopes to continue to dance
as her career in the future. She has a strong passion for performing and hopes to share this passion and grow alongside others who are just as passionate about dance. Allie is so excited and thankful that she is now a part of Dance Theatre, in this chapter of her life, and is looking forward to new and exciting experiences while gaining a greater knowledge of dance!

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Sydney Bair is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA, majoring in Biochemistry and Pre-Medical Studies. Dancing for 15 years, she has trained in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and gymnastics at Thomas Dance Studio in Pittsburgh. She has loved going to various competitions and conventions as well as studying with guest choreographers from a variety of backgrounds. Sydney was unsure if she would continue to dance in college but when she found Dance Theatre, she knew right away she wanted to keep performing. She is beyond grateful to have a chance to keep doing what she loves, and even more excited to make lots of memories and friendships with the company. Sydney is currently serving as treasurer on Dance Theatre's Executive Board. 

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Kelsey Cook is a sophomore Individualized Studies major with an Arts Management co-major. From Powell, OH, she trained at Cutting Edge Dance studying ballet, musical theater, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, and tap, and competed in various styles. Her passion for dance is large and she loves to pass that excitement on to younger generations through teaching and assisting classes. Kelsey is so excited to continue her love for dance throughout the next four years with Dance Theatre!

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Betsy Coy is a second-year student from Springboro, OH, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Business Analytics. A dancer at Miami Valley Dance Academy for 12 years, competing for 9, she trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, pointe, hip-hop, and tap. Betsy is looking forward to these next few years of growth and exploration with Miami’s Dance Theatre.

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Chloe Dickson, a sophomore from Gahanna, OH, is majoring in Strategic
Communications with a co-major in Fashion Merchandising. She began dancing at 3
and has loved it ever since.  Dancing competitively for 13 years at her home studio,
Pinnell Dance Centre, she has trained in ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, and
musical theatre. Chloe is so excited to start this new chapter of her life at Miami
University and continue doing what she loves with the Dancer Theatre company!

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Erin Duguay, a freshman from Aurora, OH, is a Kinesiology major with a Pre-Med co-
major. Dancing for sixteen years, and competitively for 10, she is trained in ballet,
contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballroom. She was a member of Center
Stage Dance Studios pre-professional company located in Northfield, OH. Over the
years, she has participated in multiple conventions, competitions, and dance intensives
across the country. Erin is very grateful and excited to continue dancing in college and
cannot wait to create friendships and memories over the next few years with Dance

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Lily Gillespie, a first-year Zoology major from Carroll, OH, has trained in dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet, hip hop, and musical theatre. Beginning her dance journey at age 3 at The Movement Center School of Dance in Canal Winchester, OH, she has danced for over 15 years and competed for over 8. Lily has always loved being on stage and sharing her love for dance with others and cannot wait to grow alongside the other members of the Miami University Dance Theatre Company!

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Carly Goodman is a sophomore at Miami University majoring in Primary Education. She is from Oxford, OH and grew up training in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater, and tap with The Academy of Dance Arts in Middletown. She loves teaching dance, which is why she’s studying to become a teacher. For the past two years, she has worked as a dancer at Kings Island in Mason, OH. Carly is so excited to be involved with Dance Theatre and can’t wait to grow alongside such amazing dancers!

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Jillian Green is a second year Primary Education major from Westerville, OH. Dancing
since the age of four, she has studied ballet, contemporary, pointe, jazz, modern, and
hip hop. She started dancing competitively at 14 with Generations Performing Arts
Center in Westerville, OH. Her favorite styles are ballet and contemporary and she has won various scholarships and awards for performing in these styles. Along with teaching elementary students, Jillian also plans to teach dance to youth dancers after college. She is beyond excited and cannot wait to grow in knowledge and love for dance the next four years with Dance Theatre.


Kylie Gunning is from Lebanon, OH, majoring in Social Work. She started dancing when she was four years old, has trained in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, musical theatre, and ballet, and has attended numerous dance competitions and conventions over the years. Kylie has performed in showcases and productions in the Butler County area. Kylie currently serves on Dance Theatre's Executive Board as Publicity Chair. She loves the stage and is so grateful to be a part of Dance Theatre!

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Anabelle Hess, a first-year student from Newark, OH, majoring in Accounting and
minoring in Dance. Dancing for 15 years, she has trained in jazz, tap, contemporary,
ballet, musical theatre, modern, and lyrical at Avante Dance and Gymnastics in Heath,
OH.  Competing for 10 years, she has attended various intensives and competitions
across the country.  Anabelle is so thankful to have the opportunity to pursue growth
within dance alongside my new Dance Theatre family.

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Paige Hiles, a freshman from Gurnee, IL majoring in Kinesiology, has been dancing for 16 years, 8 of them in competitive dance. Trained in ballet, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, modern, tap, hip hop, and jazz at DancEd Dance Centre in Northbrook, IL, she attended summer dance intensives at both Milwaukee Ballet and Hubbard Street (Chicago). Paige is so thankful to be a part of Dance Theatre and to be able to grow and make memories these next few years.

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Keira Kirkpatrick, a freshman Business Analytics major, is from Cleveland, OH, and
began her dance studies when she was 3-years-old. She trained in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap, musical theater, and lyrical and competed on Elite Dance Academy’s company team for 10 years in Brunswick, OH.  Keira is so grateful to be part of this company and excited to begin this new chapter with the Dance Theatre!


Rose Kurutz, a junior from Des Plaines, IL, started dancing at the age of 3 with the
Des Plaines School of Dance and joined the competitive company, Artistry in Motion, at
7.  She has trained in jazz, ballet, musical theater, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop
and performed in many places including Disney World and in New Orleans.  She joined her high school’s Orchesis group and served as co-president during her 4th year. Working at a dance and arts summer camp, Rose also helped choreograph and
produce shows for younger children. Outside of dance, she does theater, sings, and
plays the saxophone. Rose is incredibly excited for the coming years in Dance Theatre and the opportunities it will bring!


Audrey Nunley is a junior Architecture major from West Chester, OH. Dancing
since she was 3 years old, she trained competitively with West Chester Academy and
had the opportunity to perform on a Carnival Cruise ship alongside her fellow
teammates. Trained in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, and tap,
Audrey has taken classes in NYC with company members in Broadway shows and a
workshop with a current Rockette. She is currently serving as Vice President on Dance Theatre's Executive Board. Audrey can’t wait to make many new memories with the Dance Theatre Company!

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Annabella Papson, a junior from Ashville, OH, is an Arts Management major and Dance minor. Dancing for sixteen years, and competitively for 13, she trained in ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip hop, and musical theatre at Pinnell Dance
Centre. She has participated in multiple conventions, competitions, and intensives over the years as well as in shows to help raise money for a Children's Hospital and local food pantries. Bella has previously served as Dance Theatre's Company Liasion and is now, President. She is very thankful and excited to continue dancing in college and cannot wait to create friendships and memories over the next few years with Dance Theatre! 


Ilara Pritchard is a senior with a major in Architecture and a minor in Dance. Dancing since she was five years old and competing since she was 7 at Buffa's dance studio in her hometown of Burke, VA, she has studied ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. In 2017 she attended a dance intensive at the Detroit Opera House led by members of a Detroit area company. Then in 2019, she got the opportunity to dance at the Kennedy Center's new Arts Center before it was opened, led by Hope Boykin, a company member of the Alvin Ailey company. She is so glad that she gets to continue her joy of dancing at Miami with Dance Theatre.

Ally Small, is a senior from Cleveland, OH majoring in Business. She’s danced for 15 years, 10 competitively. First training at Emjaez Dance Studio, she then was a member of the Magnificat High School Dance Team for 4 years. With this National Championship team, she trained in jazz, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, and musical theater. In her final year, she served as the Varsity Team Lieutenant. Over the years, Ally has participated in numerous dance competitions, conventions, master classes, and intensives. She is thrilled to be a part of Dance Theatre and cannot wait to continue to grow as a dancer with the company!

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Sophia Stavropoulos, a second-year Secondary Science Education major from Chicago, IL., is trained in hip hop, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary mainly through Steppin' Out at Deforest Dance Academy. She also competed for 2 years with the York Community High School Competitive Dance Team in Elmhurst, IL. Outside of school and dance, she enjoys singing and watching hockey among other things. Sophia is so excited to continue her dancing career and share her passion with all the dancers in Miami Dance Theatre!

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Mia Stockle, a junior from Cleveland, OH majoring in Primary Education with a minor in Special Education. She’s danced for 13 years, the last 12 at Center Stage Dance Studio in Northfield, OH, where she trained in contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, and modern. She began competing at 9 and her love for dance has continued to grow ever since. Mia wasn’t sure if she would continue dancing after high school but was thrilled to have auditioned for Dance Theatre. She’s super excited to continue training and doing what she loves most and eagerly anticipates the friendships she hopes to make in the years to come! Mia is currently the Company Liaison for Dance Theatre's Executive Board. 

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Amanda Strmac, from Cleveland, OH, is a Marketing major at Miami and danced at Elite Dance Academy in Brunswick, OH for 15 years. She was trained in many styles of dance but her favorite is contemporary. Because dancing brings Amanda so much joy and fills her heart with love, she can’t wait to dance with all the Dance Theatre company members and make lifelong friendships along the way!

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Allyson Skuderin, an Emerging Technology in Business and Design major from
Cleveland, OH, is a sophomore. Prior to Miami, she danced for 16 years at Cleveland Ballet Conservatory and on the Magnificat High School Dance Team, training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop, and lyrical. Allyson is so excited for this new chapter in her life in Miami’s Dance Theatre Company and cannot wait to see how she can grow alongside the other members!

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Liv Warner, a sophomore studying Strategic Communication and Arts Management. Is from Marysville, OH where she trained for 15 years at In Step Dance Center. She was also a part of Marysville’s award-winning show choir. This is Liv’s second year dancing with the company and her first year on the Executive Board serving as Secretary. She is extremely grateful to learn, grow, and make memories with Dance Theatre!

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Noelle Wittwer, a senior from Crystal Lake, IL majoring in Zoology. Dancing for 14 years, she has trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, and character but ballet has always been her favorite style. Trained at the Judith Svalander School of Ballet for six years, she was also an assistant instructor for the younger dancers and enjoyed performing in the Nutcracker performances every year.  At Miami, she is involved in the modeling committee with MUF&D and the Zoology & Biology Club. Noelle also has previously served on Dance Theatre's Executive Board as Secretary and Vice President. She is thrilled to be part of Dance Theatre and is very much looking forward to continuing to pursue her passion and grow as a dancer.  

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Caroline Wolff, a second-year student from Cleveland, OH majoring in Emerging
Technology in Business and Design. Dancing for sixteen years, she began competing at
six and is trained in ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theatre,
ballroom, and African dance at Wilhelm Dance and Magnificat High School. She excited to start her second season with Dance Theatre. Cary also serves on Dance Theatre's Executive Board as Associate Publicity Chair. 

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Lily Van Nostran, a sophomore from North Canton, OH, is a Communications major
with a co-major in Fashion. She has danced for 17 years, and 10 years as a competitive
dancer. Trained in styles such as contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, tap, and ballet,
she studied at Center Stage Dance Studio in Northfield, OH for 15 years and New
Focus Dance Academy in Canton for 2 years. Lily has had many opportunities to dance
and learn from incredible choreographers all over the world and is very excited to
continue her dance journey at Miami University with Dance Theatre.

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Livia Zuesi, a junior Accounting major and Arts Entrepreneurship minor from Columbus, OH, began dancing when she was four years old and has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and lyrical. Prior to joining the Company, Livia was a student at Generations Performing Arts Center, participating in their competition program and annual performances. She has previously served on Dance Theatre's Executive Board as Treasurer. Livia is so grateful for the opportunity to keep dancing throughout college and is looking forward to many more memories to come.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sabo



AFUA ADDO [2020-2021]

Thinking back on my 4 years at Miami University, I can genuinely say that Dance Theatre was one of the most prevalent and rewarding experiences I have taken away. My time with Dance Theatre is something that I will never forget nor take for granted. This company has not only left me with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, but also life lessons that I still carry with me. My time in the company taught me so much, and I am so blessed for each company member that I was able to spend each year with as I was able to learn and take away from each one of them. Dance Theatre helped me grow in so many ways. Dance Theatre offered me a safe haven. Throughout undergrad I always seemed to have a packed schedule whether it was my involvement in varying organizations, my loaded course schedule as a pre-medical student, or involvement in the microbiology research lab. Whenever I entered the studio, I was able to release any stress, fear, sadness, or grief I had through movement. The lack of judgment and the freedom of expression is one thing I will always love most about being in Phillips 115. I was able to push myself as a dancer and explore what it was like to choreograph and stage pieces for our semesterly concerts. This company allowed me to explore my leadership skills and expand them for the better. I was more than happy to give back to the company by serving on the Executive Board as Secretary and President during my time in Dance Theatre. One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I had at Miami University was becoming the President of this company during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time of fear and panic, a time when not much was known about the disease, all organizations were left in a state of confusion on how to function during a time when so many rules and regulations were put up against us. I am forever grateful for Lana Kay, and the 2020-2021 Executive Board, for helping me run the company during the emergent state of a pandemic! We were able to still fulfill our mission statement and our goals for that season while still having the safety of our dancers at the forefront. We were still able to have both of our semesterly concerts that season ranging from virtual to outdoor venues! I am also so grateful for the cooperation of the company that year. So many changes to the rules and regulation were presented to the organizations at Miami University at the last minute, but with each change the company was able to make the most of it, which was a major contribution to the success of the season that year.  I was also so honored to be a part of a company that brought light onto the tragedies that were occurring in our nation. During the summer of 2020, after the homicide of George Floyd and during the height of Black Lives Matter Movement, our company put on a class in honor of the BLM movement. This drop-in dance class was taught by our amazing alumni Liza Torrence, donating proceeds to the Black Art Futures Fund. I was so proud to lead an organization where every single member was in support of movements such as the BLM movement and were happy to advocate against the injustices we see in our country today. I have loved seeing this organization continue to grow into such a holistic organization that not only embodies advancing the dancer technically in their artistry, but also growth in each member's character throughout their time in Dance Theatre. Dance Theatre, and all that it has left me with, will always be a part of my life in some shape or form.

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ELIZABETH HALE [2019-2020]

There are so many things I loved about being Dance Theatre’s president. I loved giving back to the company that gave me a safe space to express myself. I loved working with dancers who challenged and drove me to be better, and were my biggest supporters  inside and outside of the studio. I loved working alongside Lana Kay and being pushed by her every single day. I loved having company members come to me and tell me not only how much they love the company, but also ways we could improve. However, when I think about my time as Dance Theatre’s President and what I loved the most I think about how much I learning I did during that year. I learned about myself as a dancer, a person and a friend. I learned everything that goes into running an organization. I learned how to work with others as a company member, a choreographer, and an executive board member. Most of all, I began to scratch the surface of learning the qualities of a leader. I learned that leadership is about putting others before yourself, I learned that differing opinions can be a source of growth and not a source of tension. I learned that it is important to speak up in any and every situation in which you feel strongly. I began to put some of these leadership qualities into practice and learned that while they may seem easy, they can be extremely challenging. I can say that my time as Dance Theatre’s President was extremely challenging and came with many unexpected twists and turns, but I can also say that my time as Dance Theatre’s President was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my lifetime. I can only hope I pushed, challenged, supported and contributed to the company as much as the company pushed, challenged, supported and contributed to my development as a person. I am forever grateful for my time as Dance Theatre’s President and cannot wait to see the incredible things the company continues to do in the future! Lana Kay, Dance Theatre, and each individual company member will always hold a special place in my heart and I am extremely thankful for the experiences they have given me!


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